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NW Preventive and Primary Care's mission is to provide personalized, high-quality care on an as-needed or preventative basis.  We have created a practice that we believe in and choose for our own family members.

We are a full-service family practice of dedicated, experienced physicians who believe in working with our patients to maintain and improve their health. We work together to serve your entire family for all of your medical needs in all stages of life. Our physicians believe in providing comprehensive health care services to our patients in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. We also believe in educating our patients as we work with them to achieve the best physical state possible. 

Dr. Owen provides primary care, acute & chronic care, minor surgery, hormone replacement therapy, medical hormone therapy, injection therapy, occupational physical exams, diabetes management, high blood pressure management, allergy testing, skin conditions, motor vehicle accident (MVA) care, preventive medicine, and more. He uses tools such as: labs, imaging, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals,  herbs, lifestyle modification, and specialty referral. 

Dr. Carpenter graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine, Portland, OR, in 2016, earning her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a Certificate of Natural Childbirth. While in school, she focused her precepting and extracurricular work in women’s health and pediatrics and has a special interest in preconception through postpartum.

Byung Gab Cho, Licensed Acupuncturist, is a 2006 graduate of South Baylor University in California and practiced in Orange County until his recent move to Oregon with his wife and daughter. Byung is experienced in multiple areas of acupuncture including, but not limited to, pain management, infertility, insomnia and gastrointestinal disorders. He is currently paneled with Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare and is pursuing paneling with other insurance companies, to better serve Forest Grove and the surrounding communities. 

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